1. Participatory Economic Growth

I will work to cultivate an inclusive economy in District 42, where job opportunities are abundant and everyone has a pathway to participate, local businesses are supported and nurtured and our unions are championed.

2. Enhanced Community Safety and Health

I pledge to work to implement comprehensive safety measures to reduce violence and substance abuse, and increase support for mental health initiatives and homelessness. I will work to expand access to healthcare and prioritize providing all residents a pathway to a high quality of life.

3. Educational Excellence

I commit to working to improve JCPS, focusing on increasing funding, incorporating technology, supporting our teachers and expanding opportunities to build a foundation for future leaders.

4. Support for Veterans and Seniors

I will work to ensure the well-being of veterans and senior citizens through improved access to healthcare, supportive services, and community programs.

5. Authentic Leadership

I pledge to provide honest, transparent, and solution-focused leadership that listens to, protects, and addresses the diverse needs of District 42 residents.